Chemengi is themed, concepted

At Chemengi, our business is focused on manufacturing and delivering the wide range of guar gum products globally.

Chemengi is the next generation independent startup of the proud SHARMA family who originally had founded the "Lotus Gums, Jodhpur" , which has the golden 30 Years’ experience and solidly earned world class reputation in serving its worldwide customers with the high-quality guar gum powders.

Chemengi is themed, concepted and thus, designed as a joint venture of Chemists and Engineers, A focal juncture where Chemistry supports Engineers and Engineering supports Chemists.

We have the thorough knowledge of the market and customer demands, We utilize our expertise, experience and efficiency to fulfill any requirement from guar gum segment with our proven guar products.

Think Guar , Think Chemengi because We, really are the Guarsome People.

Our guar-products are manufactured in state-of-the- art facility with implemented quality and food safety management system which ensures process monitoring to guarantee consistent, safe and reliable guar gum products for a wide variety of end-applications including: Food Additives, Food Ingredients, Cosmetics, Mining, Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals and others.

Our Key Values includes:

Committed to Customers

Results Focused

Ethics and Integrity

Action Oriented