• :: Step 1 ::

    Sourcing from Selected Arid Zones of Western Rajasthan

    Keeping the best growing climatic fundamentals in the mind, we carefully hunt for the farms located in the arid zones where this Summer-Legume Plant finds its most ideal temperature, Moisture and Soil conditions. The premium quality guar seeds which are certified, high yielding and most importantly containing higher galactomanon percentage are used for the cultivation.

  • :: Step 2 ::

    Best Quality Guar Seeds

    Pods such obtained from this wonderful leguminous plant are naturally sun dried under controlled observations and then the cleaned and sorted guar seeds are taken for mechanical processes to produce the most refined form of galactomanon called as Guar Gum Splits with efficient endosperm extraction techniques.

  • :: Step 3 ::

    Best Quality Guar Gum Splits

    Guar Splits are our main raw material, where these are taken into extensive quality checks and then into the various processes to manufacture the characteristic guar gum powders which are the most valued polysaccharide with the highest molecular weight of all the naturally occurring water soluble polymers.

  • :: Step 4 ::

    A Most Valuable Hydrocolloid: The Guar Gum Powder

    Thanks to our state-in-art plant and facility with the UNIQUE know-how, we not only just produce it but add a priceless value to each gram we consider for production. Our speciality guar products are extensively used in food industry.


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